Cover systems

Cover systems are mainly used to prevent heat loss and water evaporation, both inside and outside. Covers also offer protection against the water being polluted from flying leaves and debris, as well as prevent accidental falls into the pool (by dogs, cats, small children). We carry a wide range of cover systems to satisfy every customer.

Automatic lamella covering

Aquamatic pool safety system

Pool safety covers are especially suitable protection in circumstances where small children, non-swimmers or small animals might fall into the pool. A strong and rigid cover is placed in guides located along the pool’s edge just above the water surface so that it will not sink, even under heavy weight. The cover is durable, exceptionally reliable and safe and helps keep the water clean (fallen leaves and other debris are automatically caught in a special bag located on the cover – a patented technology). The cover also prevents water from cooling and acts as a passive solar collector, making the water in a covered pool 2-6 °C warmer on average. The use of chemicals is also about 50% lower in covered pools because the water evaporation rate is less compared to an uncovered pool. This also reduces the cost of pool filtration by 30 to 60%.